How To Stay Hydrated

17 Oct 2014

You keep hearing it, “Drink more water!” But by the time the sun has set you realize you’ve only consumed a paltry two glasses. Here are a few tricks to stay hydrated. Upon rising, drink a large glass of water.  Think about it.  You have been asleep for at least eight hours and haven’t  had a single drop of water.  Your body is dehydrated.  Drinking a robust amount of water in the morning combats that dehydration. While at work do you notice that you easily forget to drink water?  I like to take a sip of water every time I do something repetitive.  Designate something that you do often as.


09 Oct 2014

LED FACIALS Holistic Facials in Peoria? Yes! Looking for a non-invasive way to boost collagen?  Ever hear about Light Therapy?  NASA scientists were looking for a way to heal astronauts in space and discovered that different colored lights could penetrate the skin at different levels, seriously affecting change. I use the blue lights to heal acne clients.  This has been FDA approved to clinically kill the bacteria that causes acne. While the lights pulse over my guests, I perform foot reflexology to stimulate healing and release toxins to clear the skin. As an anti-aging device, I use the red and infrared lights to boost moisture levels, increase collagen, brighten my.

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