What To Expect During Your First Brazilian Wax

What To Expect at Your First Brazilian Wax

Hard Wax Vs. Cloth Strips

If you are like most Wax Virgins, you may approach your first Brazilian Wax with a little bit of terror and whole lot of anxiety.  Hold the Zanax, ladies!  I’m going to explain what really goes on during a Brazilian Wax to ease your mind.

You’ll want to arrive a little early to fill out some paperwork (easy so far, eh?).  Then, I’ll give you a little tour of the beautiful V&E Studio.  After I bring you into my treatment room,  I’ll ask you to undress from the bottom down and sit on top of the table and cover up with a sheet.  I’ll step out and give you a few moments to do that.

As a reflexologist I am privy to a little spot on your hand that instantly calms the body.  We can take a moment and do that.  It helps.

It is totally normal for the waxee to begin sweating.  Even women who have been waxing for years break out into a little clamminess.  I put on my gloves (absolutely necessary).  I clean you up and then begin laying strips of hard wax.  I do the entire Brazilian using hard wax.  I love Cirepil  hard wax and wouldn’t dream of going  back to “cloth strips”  for many reasons.  Here are some:

  • Less Painful: Cirépil adheres to the hair rather than the skin. Painful waxing is a thing of the past!
  • Never Sticky: You can walk out the door and never feel “sticky” again!
  • Less Redness: With its gentle hair removal, Cirépil ensures less inflammation and redness.
  • Less Ingrown Hairs: Cirépil waxes remove all hair from its root; avoiding ingrown hairs associated with other traditional methods.
  • No Discomfort due to Low Heat: Enjoy the comfort of our gentle, low temperature wax especially designed for sensitive skin.
  • Long Lasting: Results can last 2 – 4 weeks. Up to 4 – 6 with regular waxing! No breakage. Hair is completely removed from its root.

Why do other estheticians use cloth strips for your bikini and hard wax for your labia? Two reasons.  One of the main reasons is:  it is way cheaper to use honey wax than a really good hard wax.  The other reason is expertise.  It takes a lot of technical expertise to excel at using hard wax.  Most schools do not teach how to use hard wax.  In fact, most schools do not teach how to do a Brazilian!  This is why it is so difficult to get a good Brazilian Wax in Peoria.

During your appointment we can wax everything, or leave a landing strip or triangle.  We will also do the back.  Yes.  Your tush.  This is why they call it a Brazilian.  So you look fabulous in a G-Sring bikini.

I always finish up with a high frequency treatment.  This is commonly used by estheticians during facials.  I like to use it after waxing because it does so many things for you:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Kills germs
  • Prevents ingrown hairs and breakouts

So that’s it!  Does it hurt? That depends on you, your hair density, how long your hair is, your pain threshold, etc, etc.  Sometimes the anticipation is more than the actual pull.  I try my best to put you ease and take your mind off what is going on.  I have some other tips and techniques up my sleeve that really help, too.  I do about 3 or 4 Brazilian Waxes a day, and have literally seen it all.

I’ll send you home with a list of do’s and don’ts.  Recently added: avoid horse riding for 48 hours.

You are going to walk out feeling smooth and clean.  All of my clients say it so worth it!  Still unsure?  Call me at (309) 363-5777  and I can answer any question you might have.

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