Yoga and Beautiful Skin

I talk a lot about lifestyle and its correlation to healthy skin. Beautiful skin is about so much more than what products we put on our skin.One of the most relaxing ways that certainly contributes to glowing skin is yoga.

Unfamiliar with yoga? First, ask your doctor if it’s okay to do yoga. Once you get the go-ahead, it’s easy to access yoga through cable t.v.’s On Demand channel, DVD’s (I learned watching Rodney Yee), or a local class (check out

Yoga promotes detoxification through the breath and sweating. It helps you center and release stress, an important factor when it comes to hormonal balance.

Inversion yoga poses can increase blood flow to your head, improving circulation to the face. This promotes oxygenation which will fight the bacteria that cause acne and build collagen. Not to mention the rosy glow. Some relaxing poses are:

  • Camel pose
  • Shoulder stand
  • Fish pose
  • Triangle pose

Combine a few of these poses with sun salutations and end with shavasana. Your new beautiful skin regimen! You will not only look more beautiful, but you will feel more beautiful than ever.

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