Congratulations! You’ve made the exciting decision to go for a Brazilian Wax. Now what? How do you choose an esthetician (licensed skin care pro)?

Experience should be first on your list. Walking into a large spa is like a crapshoot. Will you get the esthetician who’s been on staff for years, or the newbie who is going to practice her craft on your vagina?

At The Sanctuary, the Brazilian Wax is our specialty. In fact, Errin Evans, licensed esthetician, has so much experience that she was asked by Tricoci University to teach several live female and male Brazilian Wax Demonstrations for Peoria professionals. The Brazilian Wax is an art not taught in school. It is considered an advanced skill that must be obtained at specialty classes, or by practicing on unwitting consumers. Ouch! Don’t let that be you.

The Sanctuary’s trained waxperts have worked closely with Errin to attain speed with minimal discomfort. Check out their bios!

Another facet to look for is quality of wax used. Errin uses high end wax made in small batches and shipped from California. She uses a natural hard wax made from cocoa on the labia. Hard wax should always be used on the labia due to the fragile nature of the skin. Do not let anyone wax your labia with soft wax! She also keeps four different waxes warm and ready to go for different hair types.

Cleanliness is a big deal. There are still spas and salons in Peoria that double dip with their wax sticks. No, I’m not going to call anyone out, but this goes beyond gross, and it’s illegal. I see hairstylists waxing without gloves on all the time. This puts the technician AND you at risk. Hepatitis B, anyone? No thanks!

Calm and comfortable… Errin is a certified energy healer, with a very gentle nature, that puts you at ease. Even her waxing technique is gentle. Clients are amazed that it doesn’t really hurt. Don’t know what an energy healer does? Errin’s referral program gifts you with a stress busting reiki session for each new guest you send her way.

Errin is one of the few estheticians in Peoria, Illinois who is an expert in male Brazilian waxing. Men drive from all over central Illinois to receive thorough, professional and painless Boyzilians. Manscaping is becoming more and more popular in central Illinois (yes, even hardy, manly men love a smooth wax), and Errin is adept at putting both men and women at ease.

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