Male Brazilian Waxing in Peoria

11 Jun 2017

As one of the few male Brazilian waxperts in The Peoria area, I get a lot of questions! The top question undoubtedly: How the heck do you wax that!!? Yes, well, very carefully, I usually respond. Luckily, I’ve got four hands to help me. His two hands pull and stretch so I can work quickly with my wax. I amazed a room full of students during a male Brazilian wax demo. They were stunned that I could stretch and manipulate the skin on a man’s testicals so tautly. They asked my model, “Does it hurt?” “No,” he replied. A Brazilian wax is perfect for couples annoyed with stubble. If you.

Granny Wax

11 Jun 2017

My awesome web designer and seo manager,, recently informed of a search word she uncovered while running the analytics for… Granny Wax. Huh? What is a Granny Wax? My curiosity was piqued. Is it what Grannies across America use to clean their floors? Is it the wax grocers spray onto otherwise scruffy Granny Smith apples rendering them shiny? Is it the hair removal that Grandma gets before her winter trip to Florida? I did a little digging. Apparently, it’s the amount of hair women request removed during a bikini wax – just the hairs peeking out from her underwear. So I guess if you’re wearing “Grannie Panties,” that’s.

Looking for the best best Brazilian wax?

17 Apr 2017

Where to go in Peoria, Illinois for a Brazilian wax and questions to ask.

How To Prepare for a Brazilian Wax

03 Feb 2014
How To Prepare for a Brazilian Wax

What to know about Brazilian Waxing before you go. Here are some pointers for the uninitiated. The first thing you should do before your Brazilian Wax is stop shaving and make an appointment 2 to 5 weeks out. I know, that seems like an eternity, but your hair grows in cycles, and we can wax more hair during your appointment. Make sure that your appointment does not coincide with your menstrual cycle. The week prior to your cycle can be especially sensitive! Keep a trimmer handy and trim down the hair as it grows out. I really only need a 1/4 of an inch, or the size of a grain.

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