Spa Services for Men

Peoria Guy Facial

This is for the guy who wants sexy skin, but isn’t sure where to start. It includes sonic waves to lift clogged pores and a guided meditation accompanied by a neck, shoulder and face massage. Leave with a deep clean feel and in a deeply relaxed state.

Reflexology: The Sports Sequence

Tap into the esoteric knowledge of Reflexology to further your game. A foot reflexology session involves stimulating areas of the foot that correspond with parts of the body. It’s a little like acupuncture but without the needles. Imagine boosting your endurance and creating energy through a mind-blowing foot massage! $60 for 60 minutes.

Body Waxing for Men

You’ll quickly understand why waxing is so much better than shaving. Did you know that with regular waxing your hair will grow in thinner? Waxing also prevents those annoying ingrown hairs that shaving can cause. Nervous about waxing? Ask Errin to perform a few minutes of Reiki to relax you.

Manscaping! Years after the word “metrosexual” entered the mainstream, there’s nothing eyebrow-raising about men getting a manicure or a facial. Lately though, guys’ grooming has gone one step further, deep into territory that was previously reserved solely for women: bikini waxing.”

The New York Times (Click to read the full article.)

What Clients are Saying…

Scott C. | Facial | April 2017

I’ve felt so relaxed all day for the first time in a long time! Love Errin! And love the beautiful building she’s in. So relaxing!


Jeff G. | Facial | March 2017

Very knowledgeable. Highly recommended.


Matthew M. | Waxing | February 2017

Very professional and a smooth transaction!


Vincent J. | Waxing | February 2017

Excellent as always thank you


Eric M. | Reflexology | December 2016

Been with her since she first started out. Whether it’s waxing, facials, reflexology she’s the one. Don’t be afraid to try one of her therapy sessions. I have a bad back and neck and can tell a difference after only 3 visits. If you’re a first timer and unsure of what to expect? Her calming voice will put you at ease, and you’ll have no reason to look elsewhere

Kenny R. | Waxing | October 2016

It was relaxing and not as painful as I thought.



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